Oscar M. Lopez Award for Performance Excellence

The Oscar M. Lopez Award (Oscars) is designed to recognize a company’s efforts in achieving organizational excellence. The program uses the US Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award Criteria as a comprehensive assessment tool of business health. A three-stage review process produces the Feedback Report, which serves as a roadmap for the company’s overall organizational improvement. Since 2002, nine First Holdings companies have already applied for the award, while three companies underwent baseline assessment using the Baldrige Criteria in order to obtain a diagnosis of the company’s overall health. Internal expert or Baldrige Examiners conduct the rigorous assessment of the applicant companies. There are already 40 trained Oscars Examiners, seven of whom served as volunteer assessors for the Philippine Quality Award of the Department of Trade and Industry.

Lopez Achievement Award

The Lopez Achievement Award (LAA) is an annual recognition of outstanding team or individual accomplishments. Through the award, LAA seeks to propagate the spirit of “taking the extra mile” in the performance of daily functions or company projects. Since 2002, LAA has been given to 21 teams and two individuals in the FPHC group. These achievements embody the Group’s values of entrepreneurship, team work, nationalism and strong work ethic. Their business impact falls under the areas of Operations Management, Business Management, Corporate Social Responsibility, Corporate Image-Building and Human Resource Focus.