Uplifting lives by creating value in key industries and infrastructure that advance national development.


We will leverage our distinct competencies and experience from energy, infrastructure, real estate, and industry to drive innovative business strategies and solutions that meet the needs of our customers.



We choose to build businesses that are catalysts for
national development.


We conduct our business along a very high bar and hold ourselves accountable for excellence.


We work best when our people and our various businesses collaborate and help each other and constantly build a culture that encourages this.


We recognize our roots as a Filipino company and take pride in using our businesses to enable the best attributes of our country to shine through.


We use our strengths and capabilities to make our country and the world a better place. We cannot operate oblivious to the many social and economic problems that surround us.


We ensure that our actions build trust and are clearly anchored to our principles, our true north.


We strive to improve the lives and welfare of our employees and their families because they, in turn, devote a significant part of their lives in service to our company.

Performance Standards

We measure business excellence using the Malcolm Baldrige criteria, whose components are standards-based systems, management tools and performance awards to cover corporate initiatives.

Corporate Social Responsibility

First Philippine Holdings remains committed to lending our strength and expertise toward the causes of education, safety, and disaster recovery; poverty alleviation and culture; and environmental responsibility, recognizing that our businesses flourish best when the communities we operate in flourish as well.

The Lopez Values & Credo

In our service to the Filipino people, we will be guided by the following distinct Lopez Values

  1. A Pioneering Entrepreneurial Spirit
  2. Business Excellence
  3. Unity
  4. Nationalism
  5. Social Justice
  6. Integrity
  7. Concern for Employee Welfare and Wellness

We know from generations of experience that it is by living according to these values that a company can be built to last.

We, as employees of the Lopez group of companies, believe that our primary reason for being is to serve God and the Filipino people.

Thus, we shall always conduct ourselves in a manner that is mindful of the long-term mutual benefit of the Lopez Group, and the various publics we serve.

We will be responsible stewards of all our resources, and conscious of our obligation to present and future generations.

Since 1928, and in the years and generations to follow, our commitment to the distinctive Lopez values will not change as we remain committed to serve our stakeholders.