Management Tools

Good corporate governance is the framework of corporate initiatives. Part of which include management tools as follows:

Environment, Safety, and Health (ESH)

Started in 1998 as a corporate initiative for companies in the FPH Group, the ESH program was eventually rolled out to other Lopez Group companies. The initial and continuing thrust for FPH was the sharing of equal responsibility for managing our investments and stakeholders in a manner that protects the environment, safety and health of our employees and of the public which our operations impact.

After several years of implementing ESH, FPH has received a number of awards for getting high scores in the audits of its ESH system. It is now an Integrated Management System (IMS) certified company, proof that ESH has already become a way of life in the company.

FPH conducts the following activities under the ESH system:

Fire drills (twice a year)
Defensive driving seminar/training
Random drug testing for a drug-free workplace
First aid seminars (basic life support and cardio-pulmonary resuscitation seminar)
Blood-letting/banking (allows employees to avail of blood supply)
DARK (Disaster Assistance and Rescue Training)
WEM (Work Environment Measurement to measure noise, illumination, dust, chemicals, thermal comfort and relative humidity and general ventilation)
Health and safety tips deployed around the workplace

Below are other documents ensure continuous implementation of ESH in the company: